As a child I  already did draw,used everything that was blank to give it a color.

I used to draw horses, and my felt-tip pens ran out in no time.

One day or another, I started to portray my Idols, next family members..loved portrayed my ancestors from older photos, made portraits in an old fashion look..

I also drew people together who 
    impossible can come together..I developed myself as portrait artist and as an autoditact, I took the freedom to show my art to the world. Thanks to the internet that is now possible.

I've got to know many nice artist, and art lovers all over the world.

some of them are celebrities and shared my art on their social media, which made me very proud.

First I drew just with pencil later colored pencil,acrylic and pastels  

Since July 2020, I also draw digitally, a huge challenge that I do not shy away from..I enjoy it.

As long as drawings keep looking like drawings.

After all we already have photography..

BerniePaintings PortraitARTIST